Covid 19 Management

Our club aims to provide a place of work that is safe, and one that minimises the risk of being infected with or spreading CoVID-19.

This duty of care extends to all staff, club members, visitors, volunteers, contractors, and members of the general public associated with our business and covering all areas of the Club.

The minimum standard acceptable to our club are those prescribed in Safework Australia’s national guidelines that detail techniques to prevent the spread of CoVID-19 combined with any current legislation, regulations, restrictions and standards applicable to the state of New South Wales. These requirements are documented in our Club’s CoVID-19 Management Plan.

In addition, it is our objective to achieve and maintain hygiene, health, safety, and welfare standards in excess of the stated minimum for the workplace. This is done with the implementation of effective systems for identifying, assessing, and reporting potential spread risks and eliminating or controlling the same as reasonably as is practicable.

All Managers and their team members are held accountable with clearly stated role
responsibilities and measures of their performance in their position descriptions.
To demonstrate club’s commitment to this policy, all Management and staff have completed.

The Government CoVID-19 training – “Infection Control Covid – 19” Our club is committed to ensuring that there is CoVID-19 related consultation and participation amongst its Staff.

Staff members are not expected to conduct any work that they reasonably consider places them at risk of contracting CoVID-19. Every person at our club is responsible for ensuring that measures implemented to prevent the risk of CoVID-19 spread are being followed.

Peter Swaby