Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) refers to the delivery of gaming and wagering services in a manner that minimises the potential harm that may be caused by gambling to individuals, their families, and the community generally.

NBC Sports Club strives to foster responsible gambling practices amongst patrons and staff. This is achieved by implementing and maintaining various harm minimisation and consumer protection measures as outlined in this policy.

NBC Sports Club Mission Statement

To properly conduct gambling services in a lawful and socially responsible manner, having regard to potential harm and community concerns about gambling.

NBC Sports Club has adopted the Club SAFE policies. The Club SAFE program assists our Club to fulfil its stated RCG commitment through a variety of measures including:

  • development and implementation of best‐practice policies and procedures for the responsible conduct of
  • provision of a free 24-hour counselling and crisis intervention services for club patrons and staff that has a gambling problem or knows someone who has a
  • provision of an effective voluntary self‐exclusion scheme for
  • responsible conduct of gambling training for
  • assistance and advice with the handling of gambling‐related
  • promoting responsible gambling practices among club patrons and the

NBC Sports Club also observes legislated gambling harm minimisation requirements including:

  • controls over the nature of certain gaming related advertising and
  • prohibitions in relation to participation by minors, and the advancement of credit for gambling
  • measures which limit the accessibility and availability of commercial gambling activities in the broader public
  • the requirement for Clubs to provide information to patrons and their guests on counselling services, the use and operation of gaming machines, the chances of winning and the problems caused from excessive
  • on entering the Club and displayed on each gaming machine is an advisement on how to contact counselling
  • the placement of limitations on the payment of prizes by cash ($5000.00).


NBC Sports Club’s Responsible Conduct of Gambling Policy

  • require cash dispensing facilities (ATMs) to be located away from the areas where gaming machines are located and the prohibition of the availability of cash to be withdrawn from a credit card
  • place limitations on gambling‐related
  • all gaming machine prize cheques clearly identified by the statement “prize winning cheque cashing rules apply”.
  • prohibit the offering of inducements to
  • require the Club Secretary and all employees to undertake an approved training course in the responsible conduct of
  • availability of “Player Activity Statements” to members who use their cards whilst playing gaming
  • keno rules prominently displayed at Keno points of sale
  • other miscellaneous controls. NBC Sports Club promotes responsible gambling by not cashing Patrons’ cheques or providing

Voluntary Self‐exclusion Scheme

In accordance with the Gaming Machines Act 2001; NBC Sports Club operates a voluntary self-exclusion scheme for patrons and their guests who may have a problem with gambling. This information is gained from the General Manager through members of staff.

Problem Gambling Warning Signs:

  • family and friends of the individual find that money is regularly going ‘missing.’
  • constant borrowing of funds and difficulty in
  • dishonesty in relation to financial
  • unexplained absences from home or
  • a tendency toward selfishness and
  • secretiveness with
  • when confronted, denial of the problem and its
  • boredom with normal everyday
  • severe mood swings ‐ between elation and
  • increased alcohol
  • loss of sexual drive ‐ or sexual
  • unrealistic
  • self-deception ‐ past problems are

Where to Find Help:

Club SAFE 1800 99 77 66
Gamblers Anonymous 02 9564 1574
Lifeline 131114
Salvation Army 02 9212 2941

What NBC Sports Club can do:

Brochures are readily available from our Gaming Lounge, TAB and Keno terminals.

A confidential appointment can also be made with the General Manager of the Club.

Patrons who are concerned about their inability to control their gambling habit may arrange for a ban on their entry to the club or the gaming areas only. Any information discussed during this meeting will remain strictly confidential. Out of this meeting, you may be referred to an independent, professional counsellor for an initial assessment.