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Welcome to the Travelling Bowlers’ Club.

We are a group of men who love a game of bowls and enjoy the friendship and hospitality of those we play against whether it is at our Club or at other Clubs.

We have an organising Committee and our aim is to arrange visitations to other Clubs with the possibility of reciprocal visits to Northmead.

Trips could be one day either on the weekend or during the week or for a full weekend depending on the distance involved. Trips are organised by the Committee and arrangements are negotiated with the other Club by one of our Committee members. This could include meal arrangements, availability of accommodation, number of games and other matters as required.

We have recently formalised how the Travelling Bowlers’ Club will be organised and we have adopted a Constitution which is available on this site.

To be a member of the Travelling Bowlers you must first be a financial member of NBC Sports Club in any category of membership. Membership of the Travelling Bowlers’ Club is now available at a meagre cost of $5.00 for life-time membership.

Membership applications are available on this site and also on the shelf below the Bowls notice board in the Club.

Come join us and have a good time.

Travelling Bowlers Club Constitution    Travelling Bowlers Membership Application

The Darts Club has been a part of NBC Sports Club for many decades. In the past, we have had men’s teams who played on Monday nights, ladies teams who played on Tuesday nights and mteams who played on Wednesday nights.

These are competition nights in which we play half the games at NBC Sports Club and the other half of the games at other clubs, meeting new people, having fun and being competitive at the same time.

At the moment, we only have one mixed team and we would love to grow our club back to the strength it was some years ago when we had eleven teams, so if you are interested in playing competition or socially, please contact NBC Sports Club on 9630 2875 and they will pass your contact details on to us.

Beverly Harrison
Northmead Darts Club

We are mainly a trailer boat fishing club, though we do have land-based anglers, who fish on a monthly basis as per our calendar. Fishing commences at 6:00 am on a Saturday with the weigh-in held at NBC at 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm during daylight saving time on a Sunday. For 3 of our monthly competitions (Feb, June & Sept) we have weekends away, usually to Greenwell Point on the south coast, where the weigh-ins are held on-site on Sunday at 1:00 pm. We always fish to current NSW size/bag limits and we have a bag limit of 10 per species where NSW bag limits are greater than 10. Tag and release is also allowed, please contact us for further details.

Each month we have prizes in the following divisions, with points awarded on a scale for weight per species. Prizes are awarded across these divisions for the end of the year. Our competition runs from November to our last trip in October.

  • Sub-Junior (12 years and under)
  • Junior (13 – 18)
  • Women’s
  • Estuary
  • Open (outside waters)
  • Angler of the month

We meet at the NBC Sports Club on Tuesday Nights, where we hold our weekly raffles. We sell tickets from 6:00 pm and look to draw around 6:15 pm. This is also a chance for members to catch up.

We are a friendly little club, who practice responsible fishing and boating. Should you wish further information please feel free to contact us via our email address ( or drop in on a Tuesday night for our raffles.